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Business licences are required to operate any of the following types of businesses in Orillia:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Auctioneer
  • Charity BBQ Licence
  • Hawker and pedlar (includes door-to-door sales or at a specific location, as well as fruit and vegetable stands)
  • Mobile catering truck
  • Newspaper/periodical distribution box
  • Refreshment vehicle (includes charity barbecues)
  • Salvage yard

City of Orillia's Business Licensing By-law and Fee Schedule.

Application Forms 

Adult Entertainment Licence

Auctioneer Licence (One Day Sale)

Auctioneer Licence

Charity Auction Licence

Charity BBQ Licence

Fruit & Vegetable Stand Licence

Hawker & Pedlar Licence - One Day (Specific Location) 

Mobile Catering Truck Licence

Newspaper Box Licence

Refreshment Vehicle Licence

Salvage Yard Licence