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The Enviro-Save Program is in place to assist in the removal of water inflowing or infiltrating into the sanitary sewer system from private property. The City's Sewer Use By-law was incorporated into our Municipal Code under Chapter 1047, Sewage- Discharge, which prohibits the discharge of storm water and water from drainage of roofs or land into the sanitary sewer system. This program is now administered through the Environmental Services Department.

The process for implementing inspections for Classes 1 and 2 will be as follows: Upon receipt of the completed Enviro -Save form, and two (2) cheques for each, the files are checked to see if an inspection is needed. If our files show that an inspection is not warranted, the City will return (1) cheque. In the event that an inspection is warranted, the City will retain both cheques as payment for inspection. The City will call the contact phone number and schedule an inspection. Upon completion, the applicant will be issued a written inspection report of our findings. Class 3 is still subject to Council Approval.

Click here to view and print the Inspection Application Form.

For more information please contact Brent Burgin by email or phone at 705-325-2439. 


Enviro Save Fees - January 2016

 Class 1


No Inspection, only verification in the form of a letter for:

  • Buildings first occupied within the 10 years prior to January 1st of the current year
  • Buildings not connected to the municipal system
  • Buildings Inspected within the past 20 years and found to have no cross connection

 Class 2


Inspection fee for buildings, that had a previous inspection and identify a problem (to ensure that it has been permanently rectified) or buildings that have never had an inspection

Class 3


To perform inspection including closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection, smoke-testing or dye testing to identify a roof leader or footing drain connection in areas where this may be suspected with mapping to be compiled and approved by Council in the future (potential areas are roof leaders in the downtown area and footing drains in the Bayview Parkway area)."

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