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Dog Licensing

All dog owners in Orillia must license their dog(s). A licence is valid until December 31st of the year in which it is issued and must be renewed every year (unless a two-year or three-year licence is purchased).

Things You Need to Know

  • You must provide proof that your dog(s) has been inoculated with a non-expired anti-rabies vaccine when you purchase the licence.
  • On June 1 each year, the licence fee for any dog increases to $50.00.
  • Dogs under the age of 12 weeks do not require a licence.

What is the cost for a licence?

  • One-year licence:  $20 if altered, $30 if not altered (spayed or neutered).
  • Two-year licence:  $30 if altered, $45 if not altered.
  • Three-year licence:  $45 if altered, $70 if not altered.

Note that multi-year licenses cost 25% less than purchasing an annual licence over a two-year or three-year period.

An owner of a dog is only eligible to purchase a multi-year licence for this period up to and including the year in which the anti-rabies vaccination expires.  This would mean for example, that if a dog owner applied for a three-year dog licence in January, 2017 and produced a rabies certificate indicating the vaccine expired in January, 2019, a three-year licence could be issued which would be valid until December 31, 2019.

Please note the onus would still be on the dog owner to ensure their dog is re-immunized against rabies by the dated specified in the certificate of immunization issued for their dog (provincial law).

Can a two-year or three-year licence be purchased all year?

A multi-year licence is only available for purchase up until May 31st each year, with the exception that any new resident moving to the City on, or after June 1st, or any resident that acquires a dog on, or after June 1st, or any resident that acquires a dog on, or, after Junes 1st shall be entitled to purchase a multi-year licence.

Is a licence transferable to another dog?


Where can a licence be purchased?

Orillia City Centre, 50 Andrew St. S. (first floor) or at the following pet stores:

  • Critter Cove - 180 Front St. S.
  • Pet Valu - 3300 Monarch Dr.
  • Dave's Pets & Supplies - 45 Mississaga St. E.

Is there a dog limit per dwelling?

A maximum of two dogs is permitted per dwelling unit.

Taking Your Dog for a Walk?

All dogs must be on a leash no longer than 10 feet (3 metres) in length when off its owner's property and must be kept under control at all times. Please remember to stoop and scoop.

Leash-Free Dog Zones

The City has two leash-free dog zones: Clayt French Park on Atlantis Drive and Kitchener Park on Kitchener Street. There is a limit of two dogs per guardian and dogs must be licenced and vaccinated.


No owner of a dog shall allow their dog to howl, bark excessively, or become a nuisance. This prohibition is in effect 24 hours per day.


The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the primary enforcement agency for by-law violations related to dogs. They can be reached at 705-325-1304.

Have questions about dog licensing?

Contact the Legislative Services Division of the Clerk's Department at 705-325-2313 for more information.


Exotic Animals

Q. What animals are prohibited under the Exotic Animal By-law?

A. The full list of prohibited animals is within Schedule "A" of the by-law, which can be found here. There is a significant range of animals on the prohibited list including poisonous and venomous reptiles, as well as tigers, monkeys, ducks and chickens.

Q. Does the by-law apply to all snakes?

A. All venomous/poisonous snakes are prohibited, as well as anacondas and all snakes of the families pythonidae and boidae. Furthermore, any snake that is wild and brought captive is prohibited. This means that other snakes such as corn snakes, milk snakes, bull snakes and king snakes are permitted, provided such snakes were not wild and brought captive.

Q. Does the by-law apply to all lizards?

A. All venomous or poisonous lizards are prohibited. Lizards that exceed two meters in length are prohibited. However, other lizards such as leopard geckos and bearded dragons are permitted, provided they were not wild and brought captive.

Q. I have questions that are not on this list. Who can I call?

A. Contact the Legislative Services Division of the Clerk's Department at 705-325-2313 for more information.



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