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Tipping Fees & Sale of Goods Schedules

Please note that compost is not a free item at this time.

Please click here for the Tipping Fee Schedule, effective February 1, 2017.

Please click here for the Sale of Goods Fee Schedule, effective January 18, 2016.

Small Load Fee

City of Orillia staff would like to make your trip to the Waste Diversion Site hassle and delay free.

Those with small (under 100 kg) single category loads, are encouraged to bring exact change (i.e., $10) when coming to the Waste Diversion Site on busy days, particularly Saturdays.

If you are eligible and the line-up is getting long, staff will collect the $10 minimum disposal fee at your vehicle while you are in the line-up, where you will then be directed around the Scalehouse to the proper disposal area to drop off your material.

Load Limits for Trucks Leaving the Waste Diversion Site

Under the Highway Traffic Act, vehicles may not exceed their legal weight limits. If a vehicle exceeds its legal weight limit, not only can the driver be fined or have demerit points imposed, but Waste Diversion Site (landfill) staff share in this responsibility and can be fined accordingly including the loader operator, scale operator and the site supervisor.  Site staff are therefore required to strictly enforce weight limits for loads leaving the Waste Diversion Site.

Be aware that most half tonne trucks have gross vehicle weights that cannot exceed 3,000 kg unless otherwise stated. Your registered gross vehicle weight (GVW) can be found on your Vehicle Ownership and your gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) can be found on the driver's side door frame of your vehicle. The lowest value of the two is the legal weight limit for your vehicle.

If you wish to increase your legal weight limit, you will need to increase your gross vehicle weight rating at a Service Ontario Centre.  Please note there is a fee charged for this that is based on how much additional weight you wish to carry.

We attempt to make our website documents accessible, however, some of these documents may not completely meet the AODA accessibility requirements. If you require assistance or communication support, please contact 705-326-1502.