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Open air burning or backyard fires are permitted in the City of Orillia but there are rules that must be followed;

  • it is in an outdoor fireplace as defined in the open air burning by-law,
  • the fireplace and fire does not exceed 1 m (3.2 feet) in size (in any direction),
  • it does not create excessive smoke, smell or embers,
  • the fire is supervised at all times,
  • an extinguishing device is available close by (fire extinguisher or garden hose),
  • waste as defined in the open air burning by-law is not being burned,
  • the fire is at least 5 m away from combustibles, buildings and property lines, and
  • a burn ban has not been issued by the Fire Chief.

In all cases, the wind velocity can not be greater than 24 kilometers per hour, and there is no smog alert in place.

Be sure to check to make sure the current fire conditions are not set to Extreme and there is not a fire ban in place.

Burning materials other than clean dry firewood can create a lot of smoke.  The smoke from many materials such as plastics and pressure treated wood contain known cancer causing particles.

Fire danger scale showing moderate

These are just a few basic guidelines.  Please view the Open Air Burning By-law here to ensure you are not burning materials illegally.