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The Orillia Fire Department provides inspection services so that both old and new premises comply with applicable codes and standards. These inspections can be the result of a request, a complaint or part of an annual schedule. The most common inspections include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Assembly
  • Special occasion permits
  • Liquor licence applications
  • Care facilities
  • Plans review

Depending on the service you require there may be an associated user fee.

To book an inspection, please contact the Orillia Fire Department Fire Prevention Division at (705) 325-5215.

Reporting a Fire Safety Hazard

If you feel there is a risk of fire or danger to people or property, you can report a hazard or make a complaint to the Orillia Fire Department by filling out a simple form or contacting us at (705)325-5215.

Visit Submitting a Complaint for more information on how to register a complain or report a fire hazard.

User Fees

The Orillia Fire Department provides many services and functions for the community beyond the preservation of life and property, and the promotion of public safety.

There are extra services provided that may have an associated fee.  For more information see our complete schedule of fees.

Numbering Your Home or Business

Emergency services can only help if they can find you. To ensure that happens, a number must be posted on every building. The numbers must be:

  • Plain, legible and at least 12.5 cm (five inches) high
  • Located at the main entrance or on the building side facing the roadway
  • Legible from the roadway
  • On individual apartments, indicating each apartment number

For more information, view the Numbering of Buildings and Lots By-law.

Fire Safety Planning

A fire safety plan is a legal document that sets out procedures for the evacuation of occupants, the maintenance of fire protection equipment, and the appointment of supervisory staff. A fire safety plan is required for the following types of buildings/numbers of occupants:

  • Assembly and care facilities - all buildings
  • Residential - more than 10 persons
  • Business and personal services - more than 300 persons
  • Mercantile - more than 300 persons
  • High hazard industrial - more than 25 persons
  • Medium hazard industrial - more than 100 persons
  • Light hazard industrial - more than 300 persons
  • All buildings 4 storeys and greater (including storeys below grade)
  • Boarding, lodging and rooming houses - more than 4 persons
  • Children's custodial homes - more than 4 persons

Identifying Orillia Fire Department Fire Prevention Staff

For the purposes of an inspection the Orillia Fire Department staff are required by law to identify themselves and explain the purpose of the entry at the request of the owner or occupant.  Each Fire Prevention Division officer can be identified by their Assistant to the Fire Marshal card, employee picture ID tag, uniform and the marked vehicle in which they drive.

If for any reason you are not convinced that the person presenting themselves is an Orillia Fire Department staff member please call us at (705)325-5201.  This non-emergency number is answered 24 hours a day by our communications division.


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