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Property taxes are calculated using the property's assessment provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) multiplied by the municipal property tax rate.

The City of Orillia does not perform property assessments. If you think that your property assessment is incorrect please refer to the Property Tax Appeals page for more information.

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Due Dates

Property tax bills are issued twice annually: in January and June. The tax installment due dates are:

  • January bill due dates - March 15 and May 15
  • June bill due dates - August 15 and October 15

On occasion, for specific properties, the installment due dates may differ from those shown above. Please check the due dates on your tax bill to be sure.

A penalty is added to all past-due installments or parts thereof as follows:

  • 1 ¼% added on the first working day following the due date
  • 1 ¼% per month thereafter

Failure to receive the tax bill does not relieve the property owner from payment of taxes or liability for penalty on late payment.

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Rebate Forms

Vacant commercial or industrial buildings may be eligible for a Rebate of Property Taxes. The deadline for submitting this application is the last day of February of the year following the taxation year relating to the application.

Application for Rebate of Property Taxes

Eligible charities may apply for a Rebate of Taxes. This is in line with City of Orillia by-law number 2001-31 [link to by-law module].

Application for Rebate of Taxes for Eligible Charities