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The City of Orillia's road system comprises 367 (lane) kilometres of asphalt pavement. The condition of each road is evaluated at least once every four years to provide guidance when selecting projects for reconstruction or resurfacing. Roads in poor condition are evaluated more frequently.

The expected lifespan of a reconstructed road is about 25 to 30 years if it is resurfaced after 15 to 20 years. Preventative work, such as crack sealing, can prolong pavement life by up to five years.

Reconstruction usually includes:

  • Drainage improvements
  • Curb and gutter replacement or installation
  • Traffic signal replacement, when appropriate
  • Sidewalk replacement

The expected lifespan of a resurfaced road is about 15 years. The actual service life will depend on factors such as base condition and drainage.

Road work is generally broken down into three groups:

  • Major work on arterial roads
  • Rebuilding local and collector roads
  • Resurfacing